Forget “Baby Einstein” –YOU are all your baby needs!

Let me introduce you to my daughter, Eva.  She is a champion reader, and everything a mother could want in a daughter.

Okay, so maybe she wasn’t a champion reader when she was 9 months old, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

As a an early literacy consultant highly trained in the field of reading, I knew how important it was to have conversations with her, even before she could say words! It was especially important to respond to the conversations that she would initiate …. with gestures, utterances and babbles. I responded to her knowing each time I did, her little and magnificent brain was forming neural pathways that would lay the foundation she would use for learning to read. SO simple- yet SO powerful- and SO much more effective than any commercial product like Baby Einstein.

 I made a daily commitment to read, talk and sing to her so that the sounds, patterns and rhythms of our language would become intimately familiar to her. That, I knew was laying a sturdy foundation in her little brain for a big life of reading.  For more information on this concept  visit The Center for the Developing Child at Harvard. Click on the blue text  for a wonderful 2  minute video that demonstrates this concept. 


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