My youngest students … babies with their Moms


Am I lucky or what ….

Every month I get to teach a class with babies and their Moms at their birthing hospital. I talk about how babies are actually ‘collecting information’ about language by studying what sounds look like on the lips of their parents. As they near 12 months,  babies begin to gaze at their parents’ eyes looking for more information and to deepen the bond and attachment. Babies are also listening – listening for the important people in their lives.

 So turn down that background TV and put away the cell phone…

Talk, sing and read to your baby and most importantly … r e s p o n d   to your baby’s grunts, utterances and gestures … face-to-face and  eyeball-to-eyeball. They are studying YOU!

Image 7-14-16 at 8.50 AM


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