I grew up as 1 in 4 kids in a blue collar family of 2 first generation American parents in New Bedford, Massachusetts. My parents were not college educated but I often saw my father reading the newspaper (or Argosy magazine) and mother, reading her recipes (or Good Housekeeping magazine). My grandmother, an Italian immigrant worked as a janitress at the New Bedford Public Library and often rescued soon to be discarded books by bringing them home to us. My aunt Nat was the first to attend graduate school —  impressing me as a 12 year old. We had a set of alluring encyclopedias in our home compliments of green stamps my mother traded in at the super market. I went on to earn a PhD in education at Claremont University and work in the field of early literacy.

Fast forward to my 40’s, gainfully employed, single and still somewhat confused about the meaning of my life. At 46,  I completed the Landmark Forum, discovered I wanted a family of my own, adopted a beautiful baby girl from China, married a great guy named Tom Fahey, found the job of my dreams and moved from Jamaica Plain to Cape Cod where we all continue to reside.

So here’s to all of our journeys continuing towards health and prosperity…..thanks for reading about me, Jean


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Jean! I emailed you @ your work, but I’m doing it again here. It’s very good to find you after so many years (we met @ Pitzer College in Claremont, CA in 1979/80 or so).


  2. I just wanted to write about a coincidence. My name is Sean Fahey. I do not know if I am related. My dad was born in New York. I saw a post about the project your daughter is working on. I have 6 adopted girls. 5 are from China. I just found that interesting. My wife would like to submit our daughters pictures to Eva. She will probably be contacting her through her email.


  3. Sean- It was so nice that you wrote both about your Fahey name and Eva’s project. I married a Fahey – so I don’t know much about the family tree. My husband Thomas More Fahey can’t wait to visit Ireland to find some of his roots. I hope your wife does contact Eva. Eva would be thrilled. Finally- your post has urged me to get back to blogging- so many reasons I have neglected my Blog that I won’t go into- but I do want to resume. Thank you for taking the time to write, Jean


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