WHY write a book?

I had the opportunity to reflect on why I wrote my 2013 self-published book, Make Time for Reading – (www.readingfarm.net).

What worked about the final product is that after almost 10 years in development, I was proud of its quality. I did not compromise on book design, (Elizabeth DiPalma, edp@edpdesignplus.com), book illustrations (Peter J. Thornton) and book printing (Universal Wilde, Westwood, Mass). All 3 were top-notch choices. I wanted a beautiful book and I got one.

What I appreciate about my book is that I get to leave something behind. My book is my legacy and it is, thus far, my best work in 45 years of working with families and children.

What inspired me to write the book was our daughter’s personal journey toward becoming a reader. Starting in her infancy I had the distinct privilege of leading her on a path filled with songs, rhymes, chants, crayons, markers, stories, books, word games, and libraries. She mastered reading by first grade and read recreationally like her life depended on it all through elementary and middle school. Fast forward to 2015 where she made the Dean’s list her first year at UMass Commonwealth Honors College; no surprise there.  Her 6-year journey to reading is chronicled in my book in musical rhymes.

What I am committed to is that all children have the opportunity to learn and love to read. This is clear. So clear that at my eulogy (whenever that happens)  …..  this is what I want to be remembered for.

Book cover Make Way for Reading



#4 of 13 Parent Messages to Help Build the Foundational Skills for Reading

 This is page 4 of my book,

Make Time for Reading- a Story Guide for Parents of Babies and Young Children                           available at http://www.readingfarm.net.

Sometimes as parents we are just too tired to read every, single night.

So what’s a great alternative?

Tell your child stories! Stories build closeness and an appreciation for family traditions and memories  ….especially funny stories you might tell about yourself as a child.

OR ….

check out books-without-words from your children’s library. Then you can make up the story as you go… with help of course from your little one.

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